The Only Visibility Solution that Keeps Up with Network Technology Evolution

Tera-Pro™ Solutions leverage the most advanced COTS hardware to ensure your monitoring and security tools receive only relevant data in the optimal volume and format


Optimize performance and efficiency of tools and controls

Maximize the return and performance of your cyber security and monitoring tools by eliminating network blind spots and data overload


Ensure regulation compliance

Meet compliance and ever-changing regulations with the most modern network visibility solution that ensure line rate performance without packet loss

Scale your visibility infrastructure along with network expansions

The CGS Distributed Network Packet Broker architecture allows you to scale your network visibility deployment with simple incremental expansions that are aligned with your network evolution


A unique disaggregation approach

Our customers can deploy a single solution for both virtual and physical environments and leverage the most advanced hardware platforms on the market – all while maintaining the flexibility to choose from the smallest to the most powerful Network Packet Broker, according to business requirements


Reduce TCO

Get more out of your existing network tools and controls and reduce related expenditures by maximizing ROI on investments already made, deferring future investments in upgrades and purchase of additional tools

Our Customers

Optimize Cyber Security and Monitoring Deployments

Deliver the required data at the right volume and in the correct format to each tool   

Unique Benefits in Every Industry

The reliability, scalability, low latency and modularity of our technology provides unique benefits to multiple verticals. We understand the unique challenges facing each industry, and provide optimized solutions that specifically meet its requirements, enhancing productivity for our customers across different industries. 

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