Network Visibility

Revolutionize Your Network Visibility with Our Disaggregation Approach

CGS Network Packet Brokers optimize network security and monitoring tool performance by ensuring they receive only the required data, in the right volume and correct format, resolving critical network blind spots and congestion challenges.

In today’s modern network architectures, cyber security and monitoring tools are challenged with data overload, network blind spots and diversified network traffic to the point where they compromise network security and performance. CGS visibility products maximize visibility into the network and enhance the performance and efficiency of the cyber security, monitoring and big data analytics tools. Removing duplicated packets, stripping unrecognized MPLS and GTP headers, reducing network overloads with layer-7 filtering and eliminating packet loss when microbursts occur are just a few examples of network visibility tasks that are required to enable proper operation of the cyber security and monitoring tools.

CGS Network Visibility Solution Unique Benefits

Optimize performance and efficiency of tools and controls
Ensure regulation compliance
Scale your visibility infrastructure along with network expansions
A unique disaggregation approach
Reduce TCO

The CGS network visibility solution resides between the network infrastructures and the cyber security and monitoring tools, eliminating network blind spots and addressing data overload and packet format challenges.

CGS Network Visibility Solution

CGS’s products cover a wide range of visibility solutions, from passive TAPs for traffic collection and mirroring, to the most advanced Network Packet Brokers that enable packet processing alongside manipulation and distribution to cyber security and other tools.

CGS offers modular and layered solutions with custom-made deployment to best solve the bottlenecks and blind spots in a specific installation. Additionally, each layer can be scaled independently to meet the customer’s visibility requirements.

CGS Unified Visibility Architecture

CGS Tower Networks’ Unified Visibility Architecture (UVA) is a hardware agnostic software application that leverages advanced commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) platforms based on Broadcom and various CPU ASIC architectures (X86/PowerPC/ARM) and is available on both physical and virtual environments (VNF/VCPE). It allows simple migration of network visibility functionality to latest and greatest hardware in a very short cycle, as well as a highly disruptive cost-structure.


Using our Unified Visibility Architecture (UVA), CGS provides an outstanding visibility solution that leverages a disaggregation approach, revolutionizing the network visibility market with modern, scalable and powerful Network Packet Brokers and network appliances, delivering superior network visibility, wider deployment options, enhanced productivity and compelling TCO.

CGS Network Visibility Solution Key Advantages

Avoid Packet Loss

Modern Network Packet Brokers with line rate performance and deep buffers that eliminate packet loss when microbursts occur.

Scale Visibility Solution to Network Expansions

The CGS distributed Network Packet Broker approach enables incremental expansions of Network Visibility building blocks, resulting in simplified operation and cost reduction.

Maximize Filtering Across the Aggregation Layer

MPLS stripping, packet slicing, time stamping, dynamic load balancing and GTP filtering deployed in the aggregation layer, resulting in superior Network Visibility.

High Density Packet Brokers

Resulting in 10X reduction in rack space with significant saving in power consumption, complexity and cost.

Enhanced Productivity

Compelling drag-and-drop filter editor, single solution for both virtual and physical environments and unified behaviour for all management interfaces: CLI, SNMP, WEB UI, NETCONF, and RESTCONF.

Use cases

Telco 400G network upgrade

Achieve visibility to 400G networks while maintaining the existing lower rate monitoring and cyber security tools.

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