• Eedo Lifshitz

Server Based Network Packet Broker

Network Packet Brokers or NPB, have become a critical network layer that enables and optimizes Cybersecurity and Network Performance Management (NPM) tools. It resolves the top two network related challenges: avoiding network ‘blind spots’ and network congestion that overutilizes tool resources.

Server Based NPB is an important part of CGS’ strategy to deliver the next generation of Network Visibility solutions which leverages powerful, scalable and reliable off-the-shelf hardware platforms that provide superior performance and significant cost reduction.

While NPB have been traditionally delivered on proprietary hardware, the Server Based NPB runs on HP, DELL and IBM platforms in a variety of configurations that meet network interface and performance requirements.

There are multiple benefits of the Server Based NPB approach:

  • Unified platform providing both basic and advanced packet broker functionality

  • Powerful platform that can easily handle CPU intensive operations such as ‘De-duplication’

  • Scalable platform that can expand from 2 to 15 network ports

  • High availability and reliability

  • Global hardware support

  • Affordable

There are three typical use cases for the Server Based NPB:

  • Full NPB functionality for small and medium sites

  • Enhance packet broker deployments with advanced features

  • Optimize NPM and Cybersecurity tools

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