Need to Reduce Packet Broker Costs?

The answer is obviously “YES”, because Network Packet Brokers (NPB) have become a mandatory component of network infrastructure, and the cost of packet broker projects range from dozens of thousands to millions of USD, depending on the scope of the deployment. Packet Brokers help avoid network ‘blind spots’ that could be the source of cyber […]

Choosing Cisco Tail-f’s Conf-D as CGS’s NPB management engine

When started to design our NPB product line, which is based on Top-Of-Rack switch platforms, one of the first questions we had to tackle, was how to select the best management framework. As a startup company whose core expertise is in packet broker software development and with time to market being a crucial factor, we […]

Network Visibility or Network Bottleneck?

The role of the network visibility layer is to solve the ‘blind spot’ and network congestion challenges that have a negative impact on cyber security and network performance management tools. It is achieved by deploying network TAPs across the network and network packet brokers (NPB) that aggregate, filter and redirect traffic from the network to […]

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