Network Load Balance

Reach maximum efficiency and avoid information loss using Tera-Pro™

A network Load Balancer distributes network traffic across multiple network devices to avoid bottlenecks and inefficiency of the Cyber Security and Monitoring Tools.

CGS Tera-Pro™ Load Balancer has multiple advantages:

  • Tera-Pro™ Load Balancer equally assign the traffic load between the Cyber Security and Monitoring Tools to maximize the utilization of the organizations’ Tools and to ensure that no data is lost according to data congestion.
  • Tera-Pro™ Load Balancer enables the usage of few slower tools on a higher capacity networks, for example 4 x 10G tools can process 40G traffic network.
  • WithTera-Pro™ Load balancer taking down Tools in case of failure or maintenance can be done seamlessly, with out any interference to the network operation.

Smart Load-Balancing

CGS Tera-Pro™ Load Balancer distributes incoming network traffic evenly across all available security and monitoring tools in the organization network. Enhancing the performance and availability of the tools.

Hash-Keys are used to distribute incoming traffic across the tools in a network. Each incoming request is assigned a hash key based on a specific criteria, the hash key is then used to determine which tool should handle the request. The use of hash keys ensures correctness and efficient implementation and enables a continuous flow of information regardless of the incoming data rates and the limitations of the tools to process the information.


CGS Tera-Pro™ Load Balancer Improves your Business Continuity Plan(BCP).

Tools’ failure often causes network over- subscriptions and results in failure of the organization’s Cyber protection system. CGS Tera-Pro™ Load Balancer provides an extra level of redundancy and ensures high availability by defining redundant connection that will take into action in case of failure.


Dynamic Balancing

CGS Tera-Pro™ Load Balancer neutralizes the negative effect of the Elephant Flows and improves the ability of cyber and monitoring tools to deal with changes in the amounts of network information.

What are Elephant Flows?

Elephant flows is a common nickname for network traffic pattern where a few connections or flows between hosts consume a disproportionate amount of network resources, typically due to their large size or high bandwidth requirements.

Elephant flows can cause congestion and unexpected performance issues, especially in large-scale networks.

Dynamic load balancing algorithm continuously monitors the network and adjusts the distribution of traffic based on changing conditions ensuring that all network traffic is distributed evenly and efficiently across available resources.

Weighted Load-Balancing

With CGS Tera-Pro™ Load Balancer IT professionals can combine legacy and new Tools with different capabilities into complex configuration in the organizational network.

Weighted Network Load Balancing (WNLB) allows to optimize network performance by assigning more priority to more powerful tools in the network and thus control the amount of traffic that is being handled by each tool.


Virtual Load-Balancing

CGS Tera-Pro™ Virtual Load Balancing (VLB) allows VLAN tagging of outbound packets with the result of a load balancing hash function.

CGS Tera-Pro™ uses hash-based traffic sorting, without additional physical interfaces in order to implement load balancing in the virtual space.

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