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Using Tera-ProTM to ensure forwarding traffic in the correct format to the monitor and cyber security tools.

Challenge: Analysis encapsulated traffic degraded performance.

Solution using Tera-ProTM : Achieve tools efficiency, by eliminating unnecessary headers, and remove the burden of tunnel termination from the tools.

Challenge: High-volume encapsulated traffic should be processed by low-capacity tools.

Solution using Tera-ProTM : Enhanced decapsulation combined with advanced load-balancing techniques.

Challenge: Advanced tools analysis requires traffic/session identification.

Solution using Tera-ProTM : Label your traffic to mark it for more detailed analysis.

Challenge:Protect personal identity information (PII) required by privacy regulation compliance.

Solution using Tera-ProTM : Mask or slice confidential data before sending them to the tools.

Challenge: Network troubleshooting.

Solution using Tera-ProTM : High accuracy timestamping allows to measure latency and correlate events in data center in order to resolve network issues.

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