Service chaining with Tera-Pro™

Using Tera-ProTM to ensure forwarding traffic in the correct format to the monitor and cyber security tools.

By applying Tera-ProTM  solution organizations can continuously scale and stay resilient by adopting more agile approach.

Challenge: Downtime of inline tools due to continuous expansions.

Solution using Tera-ProTM : AFlexible service chain to add, replace tools without coordinating maintenance windows.

Challenge: High latency and network performance degradation, due to congestion.

Solution using Tera-ProTM : hare traffic with session awareness across multiple tools and improve their efficiency.

Challenge: Tools failure causes network and cyber security failure.
Solution using Tera-ProTM : Automate your playbook by actions that will be taken in case of tools failure. Improve your business continuity plan(BCP).

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