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Unleash the Power of Network Packet Brokers with CGS Tower Networks.
Our Trial Drive offers you the chance to experience cutting-edge solutions for network visibility and control. Whether you’re considering our versatile NPB or exploring the advanced capabilities of ANPB, this is your opportunity to dive into a world of seamless network management.

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Why Choose CGS Tower Networks?

Comprehensive Testing:

Test every aspect of our NPB and ANPB solutions, ensuring a thorough evaluation. 

Live Traffic Capabilities:

ANPB allows you to go beyond simulations and work with real-time traffic scenarios. 

User-Friendly Interfaces:

Easily navigate through WEBUI, CLI, and other interfaces for seamless configuration. 

How It Works:

Select Your Trial Drive Option:
 Choose between the versatile NPB or the advanced ANPB for a tailored testing experience.

Explore Features:
 Dive into a world of features, from basic configurations to advanced capabilities like DPI and Deduplication.

Run Live Traffic (ANPB Option):
 Experience real-world scenarios by running live traffic through our ANPB solution.

Try Any NPB Solution:

Explore all features and interfaces, including

Define configurations, perform port capacity planning, and find the perfect NPB for your needs.

NPB Test Drive!

Experience ANPB with Live Traffic:

Delve into advanced features such as DPI,
Deduplication, and Metadata Generation.

Run live traffic effortlessly by tapping an EC2
Virtual machine or uploading and replaying
PCAP files.

NPB with Live Traffic

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