Data Flow Generation

Tera-Pro™ enables network data analysis while staying GDPR compliant

Organizations collect network data!

The current reality, in which organizations collect network data is a well-known fact, and every IT person must deal with its implications. The endless amount of storage and compliance with privacy standards are just some of the challenges that need to be addressed:

  • According to GDPR, the European new data and security law, personal data should only be processed where it isn’t reasonably possible way to carry out the processing in another manner. It’s your company’s responsibility as controller to assess how much data is needed and ensure that irrelevant data isn’t collected.
  • In order to record 24h of 100Gbit network data, 1.08 PB of storage is required. This, of course is not feasible and organizations have to find ways to eliminate irrelevant data.

Organizations face the following challenges when recording data for forensics and diagnostics:

  • Too much irrelevant data
  • Expensive storage
  • Exposure to compliance violation
  • Encrypted traffic is useless for your tools
  • Complex deployment and maintenance

NetFlow Protocol

 NetFlow is used to collect metadata about the IP traffic as it flows in or out network devices. The data is then analyzed to create a map of network traffic: its origin, destination, paths, and volume. NetFlow analytics are used to monitor network usage.

CGS Tera-Pro™ Generates Metadata and NetFlow records to gain full visibility and to reduce the data collected more than 1000 times.
Guaranteed compatibility with NPM, APM, security and monitoring tool

Challenges with traditional NetFlow/IPFIX deployments

  • Gain full data visibility across all organization network
  • Lack of compatibilities between different legacy equipment, that support limited or doesn’t support NetFlow records generation
  • Performance degradation on equipment that generates data records.

The Solution using CGS Tower Networks Tera-Pro™

  • Centralized NetFlow record generation.
  • Generate and export flow records in standard formats (NetFlow/IPFIX) with various collectors.
  • High throughput, out-of-band NetFlow generation from 1G up to 100G interfaces without impact on the production network equipment

CGS Tera-Pro™ Optimize SIEM / SOC with Metadata Generation

  • Ability to correlate malicious activity with threat intelligence feed according to their organization vertical.
  • Network data provided by system log is insufficient for the SIEM to detect anomalies.

The Solution using CGS Tower Networks Tera-Pro™

  • Tera-Pro™ Identify the threat in your network, based on the data recived from your SIEM solution and report back to the SIEM a threat is found.
  • Track IOC (indicators of compromise) such as URL, patterns, IP etc. and generate Metadata summary to your SIEM solution.
  • Reduce the quantity of data by several orders of magnitude using metadata extraction from network traffic for more detailed analysis.

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