Network Visibility for Smart Grids

Smart Grid Objectives The objective of the Smart Grid is to modernize the power utilities infrastructure with two-way digital communications in order to improve grid reliability, reduce costs and enable integration of renewable energy sources. The Network Visibility Challenge The new communication infrastructure introduces new cyber security risks that span across electricity generation, transmission and […]

Overcoming Packet Broker Limitations

Cyber Security applications are often overutilized with irrelevant traffic to the point where they cannot get the job done, placing the enterprise at risk. Here are three examples for such scenarios: The first example is in the case of duplicated packets that are collected from TAPs and SPAN ports that do not add any value […]

The Smallest Packet Broker in the Market

Network Packet Brokers, or NPB in short, have become a mandatory part of the network infrastructure, enabling network visibility and solving multiple critical issues for cyber security and network performance management tools that need to analyse network traffic. The challenge is that legacy packet brokers where designed on proprietary hardware with limited performance and high […]

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