Software Defined Networks and COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed the world, as we know it, forever. Social distancing, supply chain challenges, working remotely, the growing dependency on connectivity and network infrastructure, migration to the cloud, increase in cyber security risks, and economic crisis, are here to stay, in one shape or form. Now you probably wonder how this is related to […]

Pure software packet brokers – visibility in the virtual world

For many years the network visibility market has relied on the silicon chip features (Switch chips, FPGAs etc.) to define the feature capabilities which were offered to customers. Tools that are developed by the hardware vendors are bound to the innovation of these chips manufacturers. This resulted in solutions that are expensive to purchase and […]

The Benefits of Dis-aggregated and White Box Packet Brokers

Network Packet Brokers have become a core part of the network infrastructure, allowing enterprises to optimize their cyber security and NPM/APM deployments by providing full network visibility, filtering, DPI and load balancing. Traditionally, packet brokers were vertically integrated with inextricable hardware and software. This worked well for a while, however, as network traffic and capacities […]

Network Visibility for Smart Grids

Smart Grid Objectives The objective of the Smart Grid is to modernize the power utilities infrastructure with two-way digital communications in order to improve grid reliability, reduce costs and enable integration of renewable energy sources. The Network Visibility Challenge The new communication infrastructure introduces new cyber security risks that span across electricity generation, transmission and […]

Optimizing and Reducing Costs of High Capacity Network Test Environments

When looking into Network Packet Broker (NPB) features there are many use cases for those devices, In this post I’ll cover an ‘advanced cross connect’ Use-case for a cost effective automated testing environments. The NPB Standard Features: Many-to-many port mapping, with a configuration interface (graphical user interface [GUI] or command line interface [CLI]) for real-time […]

Server Based Network Packet Broker

Network Packet Brokers or NPB, have become a critical network layer that enables and optimizes Cybersecurity and Network Performance Management (NPM) tools. It resolves the top two network related challenges: avoiding network ‘blind spots’ and network congestion that overutilizes tool resources. Server Based NPB is an important part of CGS’ strategy to deliver the next […]

Now you see me – Now you don’t – Soon you won’t

The age of Internet encryption has started, when I say started, it started a long time ago, but now it is at its climax. There are many forces driving this rapid adoption: monetization of intellectual property owned by the rulers of the internet: Facebook, Google, WhatsApp, E-Bay, Amazon. The rise of SAAS (e.g. O365, Salesforce, […]

Unlocking Network Congestion of Cyber Security Tools

In today’s complex and fast growing network infrastructure, where network traffic is always on the rise and network capacity is added to the network pipes, cyber security tools are often overwhelmed with network traffic that they cannot handle. The inability to process all network traffic or the lack of remaining resources to analyze data due […]

Network Visibility and Cyber Security

Imagine you buy a brand new Bugatti and plan to travel across the beautiful landscape of the European shores, enjoy the stunning view and the fresh air, but suddenly, you find out that some of the best roads are blocked and you are going to miss some of the best views. What a disappointment! At […]

The 5 Hidden Costs of Cyber Security that You Should Avoid

It is common wisdom that Cyber Security and Monitoring applications that analyze network traffic must have full network visibility to avoid ‘blind spots’ that may be the source of a cyber security attack. In a previous post named Network Visibility and Cyber Security, we explained why the industry is shifting from SPAN/Mirror ports towards Network […]

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